In the Press

A rare opportunity for a spot of Snowboarding during the “Beast from the East” on Hilly Fields, 28th February 2018 got featured on BBC London Live News


February 2018 the Lifestyle section of Benenden UK website features Laura talking about The brilliant health benefits of Nordic Walking

August 2017 Edition of the Mature Times (p18) features Laura talking about the benefits of Nordic Walking for older adults: Walking the Nordic way

Sports Coach UK blog series on London female sports coaches, May 2016: “I do it because I enjoy it”

2015 was a busy year for Brockley Nordic Walking and we were honoured to have been featured in some local publications and blogs:

Living SouthLiving South Resident Magazine, June 2015 Edition: Health & Fitness Notebook, p 59: “Leaps & Bounds”

The Resident, ENewsletter, Health & Beauty, 18th May 2015:  “The Alternative Ways To Lose Weight”

Brockley Central Blog, 11th March 2015: “This Girl Can Nordic Walk”

Here is a selection of Nordic Walking related articles which have appeared in national newspapers or in online publications:

My student, Sonya Brennan, who started Nordic Walking with the NHS Healthy Walks Nordic Walking scheme 2 years ago in order to lose weight was recently featured on the Nordic Walking UK website, 12th July 2015: “Lost 5 stone & gained new career

Sonya’s inspirational story also featured on the Daily Mail website, 2nd June 2015:

The Independent, 15 October 2014: “Nordic walking,obstacle courses and outdoor adventures: now is the time to get involved”

The Guardian, 13 April 2012: “Emma’s Eccentric Britain: Nordic walking in County Durham”

Mail Online, 13 March 2010: ” Can you really drop two dress sizes by Nordic Walking?”

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