In the Press

August 2017 Edition of the Mature Times (p18) features Laura talking about the benefits of Nordic Walking for older adults: Walking the Nordic way

Sports Coach UK blog series on London female sports coaches, May 2016: “I do it because I enjoy it”

2015 was a busy year for Brockley Nordic Walking and we were honoured to have been featured in some local publications and blogs:

Living SouthLiving South Resident Magazine, June 2015 Edition: Health & Fitness Notebook, p 59: “Leaps & Bounds”

The Resident, ENewsletter, Health & Beauty, 18th May 2015:  “The Alternative Ways To Lose Weight”

Brockley Central Blog, 11th March 2015: “This Girl Can Nordic Walk”

Here is a selection of Nordic Walking related articles which have appeared in national newspapers or in online publications:

My student, Sonya Brennan, who started Nordic Walking with the NHS Healthy Walks Nordic Walking scheme 2 years ago in order to lose weight was recently featured on the Nordic Walking UK website, 12th July 2015: “Lost 5 stone & gained new career

Sonya’s inspirational story also featured on the Daily Mail website, 2nd June 2015:

The Independent, 15 October 2014: “Nordic walking,obstacle courses and outdoor adventures: now is the time to get involved”

The Guardian, 13 April 2012: “Emma’s Eccentric Britain: Nordic walking in County Durham”

Mail Online, 13 March 2010: ” Can you really drop two dress sizes by Nordic Walking?”


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