“I started the learn to course three years ago having become very unfit and overweight after having three children within a 2 1/2 year period, developing arthritis in my knees. After a few months of walking 2/3 times a week I’d lost weight without trying ,built up muscle, the pain in my knees disappeared, my blood pressure came down. All without conscious dieting. I just felt that my metabolism kick started itself again and that the gorgeous friendly green therapy that is nordic walking with a lovely bunch of people has provided the overall arching therapy that no calorie controlled diet or exercise regime could ever do. Sessions can be challenging but there are always smiles at the end. Learning nordic walking has changed my body and my life for the better, and Laura’s sunny disposition and positive energy is a huge factor in the enjoyment of the activity.” – Rosemary, 4th Feb 2019

“Good work out heart rate up gets a sweat on” – Daisy Anne, 26th Nov 2018

“I loved it and still love it. Has been fabulous. The walk group is great. Each one actually getting to perfect their walk with guidance and clear direct instructions. The fun element is great as well.” – Janet, 12th Mar 2018

“Nordic Walking with Laura and the large and growing Brockley NW community is fun, energising and great for anyone (like me!) with any form of joint problems – arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, knee or hip replacements, Achilles problems, or just too much sitting and/or stiffness – give NW a try and you will be amazed at the improvement in your energy, flexibility and stiffness levels!” – Sian, 28th Sep 2017

“So I have reached a milestone:
– 1 year post surgery to repair cartilage in my left hip
– almost 4 months post surgery for the same plus some drilling in my pelvis on the right hip. As of last Sunday I became a crutch free hipster! (Yes: those of us with hip issues go by that name). I was finding really hard to walk more than a mile before I started limping. TFL on right was so tight that I could not get my pelvis in a good neutral position – even when swimming! So , “was there a wonder cure?”, I hear you ask. NORDIC WALKING! Yep. I had a one to one lesson last week with a lovely Laura and by the end of the session:

1: I was walking tall,
2: glutes were firing, actually it was more a case of all the muscles in my legs weee firing but in the right order
3: I could feel every movement in my core
4: pelvis finally found neutral and staid there whilst walking
5: NO HIP PAIN!!!!!!!!

I had muscle ache the next day – the good kind you get when you have worked a muscle (but in many places!). It was an epiphany! I spoke to my physio who now seems to think all hipsters should incorporate this into their rehab once they reach a certain stage! How cool is that! I have spread the word to my fellow hipsters and I hope they get as much benefit and enjoyment as I have! I had a follow up lesson today ( with my lovely new poles) and I am now raring to go! Can’t wait to go on a holiday and feel – dare I say it – NORMAL!!! Laura – I can’t thank you enough!” – Jasmine, 12th August 2017


“If you’re wondering what good a bit of walking with poles around a park can do for your fitness, will it help if I tell you I went from being unable to walk much due to a form of arthritis to climbing Kilimanjaro!!! And have lost 13 kilos. And found an amazing community of wonderful people who celebrate renewed energy for life. What are you waiting for?” – Sian, 14th May 2017

“Loving everything about this. I’ve met some great people and we’re getting fit together.” – Vanessa, 18th February 2017

“Laura is a great teacher. She is very encouraging. Following private lessons. I’ve only been out with the group once so far, but certainly intend to continue. It is good exercise and the group is friendly. It also means I make use of the local parks.” – Ann, 9th January 2017

“At last i have found exercise i enjoy – i walk away feeling i have achieved something & Laura is such an encouraging positive teacher. looking forward to the new phase of learning.” – Hazel, 19th November 2016

“Laura is an excellent, positive and patient teacher. She checks how we move, our posture and movements and corrects when needed. To be in the 4-weeks training group was a real joy. I plan to continue Nordic Walking with Laura. Great learning!!” – Dominique, 28th May 2016

“Just finished a 6 week course with Laura. A fantastic teacher and very enthusiastic. I will definitely continue with this form of exercise – so enjoyable.” – Clare, 12th December 2015

“Attended 6-week beginners course, loved it. Laura is an exceptional teacher, positive and infectiously enthusiastic. Will definitely continue, it’s such a great workout but gentle on the joints too.” – Tati, 17th October 2015

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